First Annual Member's Salon and Sale

November 10 – January 5, 2022

Welcome to the First Annual Member’s Salon and Sale at the Art Gallery of Swift Current. As a public gallery, we play an essential role in supporting and promoting art and artists. We foster emerging talent, assist in providing greater recognition for more established artists, and we offer viewers a new way of seeing and communicating. The gallery provides visual glimpses or reflections of our socio-economic and political climate. We share artists’ work, their vision and their language with a broad and diverse community.


The Art Gallery of Swift Current is a place designed to inspire, to challenge, and to introduce unique perspectives and varied ways of thinking. Part of our work as a community gallery is to ensure we have a strong, healthy arts community representative of our diverse constituents and stakeholders. The AGSC not only showcases art and artists from across Canada and beyond, but also crucially, engages the notable art and artistry of our own region. Member’s Salon and Sale exhibitions are sometimes the most exciting and challenging of exhibitions, and this exhibition is no exception. Here, you will witness diverse genres, media and skill levels, from emerging talents to established professional artists. Shown together, the varied work creates unique conversations and unexpected and sometimes complex relationships. This is an open community exhibition that affords us an opportunity to celebrate both emerging talent and to appreciate the work of established artists.


I would like to thank and congratulate all the artists that submitted their original artworks to be installed in this inaugural member’s exhibition at the Art Gallery of Swift Current.


Heather Benning, Director

The AGSC gratefully acknowledges the support of the City of Swift Current, SK Arts and Sask Culture

Artist Submissions:



Art Gallery of Swift Current
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