Art for Sale

This exhibition features artists represented by The Gallery / Art Placement of Saskatoon and The Slate Fine Art Gallery of Regina.

Commercial galleries and artwork sales are important to sustaining the arts ecology in our time. Commercial galleries serve the public by providing access to artwork for private ownership and use in a home or business space. A commercial gallery serves the artist by presenting their artwork publicly. They nurture an audience and buyers for the artist’s work, helping to sustain an artist’s practice and building credibility for their art expression.

In the public Art Gallery of Swift Current exhibition titled “Art for Sale”, we examine two major Saskatchewan commercial galleries including The Gallery / Art Placement of Saskatoon – now celebrating its 40th year of service – and The Slate Fine Art Gallery of Regina, established only a few years ago. This exhibition will introduce us to the major artists, newly established artists, and emerging artists of Saskatchewan represented by these galleries. See fine artworks which are for sale and learn how to buy artwork and why we should and also better appreciate the quality of fine artwork and professionalism offered by commercial galleries.

Artists in this show from the Gallery/art placement of Saskatoon include Clint Hunker, Catherine Perehudoff, Dorothy Knowles, Gregory Hardy, Jordan Danchilla, Jonathan Forrest, Kelly Goerzen, Louise Cook, Lorenzo Dupuis, Lorna Russell, Nancy Lowry, Reta Cowley, Robert Christie. Rebecca Perehudoff, Steph Krawchuk, Sandra Ledingham, Terry Fenton, William Perehudoff.


Artists from the Slate Fine Art Gallery of Regina include Lorne Beug, Catherine Blackburn, Mel Bolen, Victor Cicansky, Heather Cline, Marc Courtemanche, Jack Cowin, Wally Dion, Joe Fafard, Gabriela Garcia-Luna, Brian Gladwell, Jody Greenman-Barber, Belinda Harrow, Karen Holden, Michael Hosaluk, Marsha Kennedy, Jefferson Little, Zachari Logan, Vera Saltzman, Ward Schell, Jack Sures, David Thauberger, Zane Wilcox, Russell Yuristy.

At AGSC March 3 to April 22, 2018