Charley Farrero: A Certain Detour

FOUILLIS - 60 x 40 x 15 cm - Charley Ferraro
Reception with the Artist: Friday, August 20 @7:00pm
Live music, food and drinks


This exhibition is organized by Art Gallery of Swift Current with curator Heather Benning.


There is a wine that originates in the northern regions of Spain and the southern regions of France. In Spain, it is known as Garnacha, in France as Grenache. Although this wine may sometimes be described as a little rough around the edges, it is filled with vitality and the essence of its “terroir”, the unique reflection of its place of origin and the environment. It is a hardy vine, resilient, yielding intense and concentrated wine which is appreciated worldwide.


Like this wine, Charley Farrero never fails to be assertive and bold, to be true to himself, and to remain deeply expressive of his origins and his experience. In many ways, his choices and his “terroir”, have defined him; immigration, rural life, career, commitment to his craft.


Charley has produced ceramic artworks of the highest standard for more than four decades. Historically, he has received many awards, honours and foreign residencies. He has contributed to the development of the ceramic arts regionally, nationally and internationally and generously shared his knowledge and experience through teaching, advocacy and mentorship.


Each of the works in this exhibition has been shaped entirely by Charley’s thoughts and hands. They are a testament to his pragmatic, honest and enduring intimacy with the transformational processes of artistic creation.


Some of these works may appear exceptionally powerful and challenging … expressing Charley’s passionate commitment to his personal ideals of social justice and the universal struggle against injustice, inequality and colonial transgressions. While other works may appear playful and whimsical, personal introspection may reveal more profound meanings, cultural contexts and interconnections.


The mystery of winemaking is the transformation by which earth and water and sun become wine.

The mystery of ceramics is the transformation by which clay and water and fire become art.


Charley Farrero is, undoubtedly, a master of the fickle alchemy of the processes with which he creates these works. He has invested each work with his experience, his expertise and his passion.


These are the gifts he presents to us in this exhibition.


As Charley continues to say… “The work speaks for itself.”


As we encounter A Certain Detour, may each of these works speak to us in unique and personal ways.


– Patrick Close