Retailles by Joe Fafard

Internationally renowned, Joe Fafard is one of Canada’s most recognized and prolific artists. Spanning decades, Fafard’s artistic practice is always evolving, driven by his endless experimentation with subject matter, media, process and technology. Whether in clay, bronze or steel sculpture or in drawing and printmaking, Fafard’s work is characterized by his connection to his rural roots, his reverence for art history, his inquiry into form and his interest in three-dimensional illusion and perspective.


The exhibition, Retailles offers an insight into Fafard’s exploration of the laser-cut process and his creative renderings of its by-products. This show presents a collection of laser-cut and welded metal sculptures along with embossed and woodcut prints. French for scraps or trimmings or that which is cut away, Retailles not only references the act of removing the negative space from the positive to create form, but refers to the act of recycling these “out-cuts” to create new works. Drawing features prominently in this exhibition, from the reduction of form to line in both three-dimensional and two-dimensional spaces to the Matisse-like cut-outs and the creation of sculptural collage from recycling.


This exhibition is organized by the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery in partnership with Art Gallery of Swift Current. Curators are Jennifer McRorie, MJM&AG and Kim Houghtaling, AGSC. Exhibition Publication is available with a critical essay by Terrence Heath and an introduction by Jennifer McRorie. A media documentary will be produced. This exhibition is travelling to eight venues in western Canada.


At AGSC September 8 to October 28, 2018