Keepsakes of Conflict

Contemporary Craft’s Role in Understanding Trench Art: What might it mean to physically and visibly transform machine made ammunition into a clearly handmade object that is meant for the home rather than the battle field? 

Trench Art and Other Canadian War-Related Craft

The 100th anniversary of the First World War has been an opportunity to examine the little studied area of Canadian craft related to war. Trench art is a tradition of creating wartime souvenirs that date back to the early eighteenth century and which continue to this day. The pieces exhibited in this show often reflect the very personal stories of individuals behind the experience of war. From major collections across Canada.

Trench Art is defined as any item made by soldiers, prisoners of war and civilians, from war material directly, or any other material, if it and they are associated with armed conflict or its consequences.  Organized by MJMAG – Guest Curator Heather Smith.

At AGSC November 3 to December 30, 2018