Master Classes


Saturday, Sept 16 and Sunday, Sept 17, 2023

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Past Classes:

Paint chip color wheel

Colour Theory Masterclass Workshop: Acrylic Painting with Judy Anderson

Dive into colour theory with renowned artist Judy Anderson in this intensive 2-day Masterclass Workshop!
Participants will gain hands-on practice in mixing colours and building their own colour wheel using acrylic paint before applying their newfound knowledge to their artwork through abundant in-class painting time.
All materials and tools are included in the fee, but participants are welcome to bring their favourite brushes.
No need to be a painting expert, but some painting experience is required.

Laureen Marchand: How to Not be Afraid of Painting in Oils

Whether it's from ideas about safety or about tradition, many artists are uncertain about using oil paints. This workshop will demonstrate not only that artists' oils can be non-toxic and safe, but also that they are meant to be used in as many ways as there are artists. Students will learn colour mixing, varying application techniques, how to adapt oils to their own subjects and ways of working, and how generous oil painting can be. Students will also learn safe studio practice and how to use oils without solvents or smell.

During this two-day workshop, students will have the opportunity to develop their compositional and planning skills, find different ways of mark-making that are personal and relevant, use a range of tools, and make and build on mistakes and accidents.

Bonnie Gilmour: It Happens in Wheel time: Potter's Wheel Workshop

In this intensive 3-day workshop, students will learn advanced wheel-throwing techniques from established Saskatchewan ceramicist Bonnie Gilmour. Bonnie creates expressive, wheel-thrown forms ranging in scale from monumental - architecturally inspired public art to primitive - historically informed pieces for the personal collector, and one-of-a-kind commissions. Her work has been exhibited nationally and her pieces are in private collections worldwide.
When not attending international ceramic residencies, she hosts destination workshops that cater to corporate executives, school children and everyone in between. Bonnie's passion is clay, and her artistry is engaged at its most elevated occasion when she shares the techniques and unlimited potential of its "essence" - mud.

Charley Farrero and Tim Moore: Making a Scene: Ceramic Slip Casting Collage

In this intensive 4 day workshop, participants will learn the art of ceramic slip-casting and creating a 3-dimensional collage from renowned Saskatchewan artists Charley Farrero and Tim Moore.
Charley's exhibition A Certain Detour is currently being shown at Art Gallery of Swift Current.  Originally from Paris, France, Charley Farrero has worked as a ceramic artist since 1972. His ceramics work has been exhibited worldwide.
Tim Moore is a Métis artist whose work revolves around identity within Canadian post-colonial constructs. His work challenges a multitude of media from collage to mixed material sculpture and has been shown nationally. Charley’s thoughtfully spontaneous ceramic collages combined with Moore’s cheeky representations are sure to intrigue and develop the imagination of participants while learning the fundamental skills of collage and ceramics.

Heather Benning & Phil Tremblay (of Julienne Atelier): The Bronze Age

Explore Lost Wax Bronze Casting. This class will focus on:
Oil Clay modelling
Silicone mold-making with an acrylic hard-shell mother mold
Lost-wax casting using ceramic shell
Wax casting
Bronze Pouring
Resin Casting
Original ceramic sculptures
Presentations on the use of bronze casting in contemporary and historic art practices.