paskwâw nîpîy by Amanda Strong

This exhibition presents a compilation of works reflecting on the elemental themes that speak to territory, history and our connection to the beings that reside in those places past and present. paskwâw nîpîy means grass and water in Plains Cree. Films presented include How to Steal A Canoe, Biidaaban The Dawn Comes, Four Faces of the Moon, and more. Five of the original Film Sets for these films will be displayed, as well as several “puppets.”


“Spotted Fawn Productions are celebrated globally in festivals, installations, Indigenous community presentations and have received numerous awards. They provide mentorship and training opportunities for emerging and diverse artists. They create space for Indigenous people, women and non-binary individuals to engage in the many aspects of film, animation and production. Together they create innovative, layered digital projects with compelling characters, art and stories. Through acts of reclamation and collaboration, we are telling our own stories, in our own voice, lifting and empowering the future of Indigenous storytelling in film.


Amanda Strong is an Indigenous (Michif) filmmaker, media/stop motion artist currently based in unceded Coast Salish territory, also known as Vancouver. She studied photography and illustration at Sheridan Institute and extended those mediums into creations in media arts. Amanda’s work looks into lndigenous lineage, language and unconventional methods of story-telling. Each film is a collaborative process with a multi-layered approach to aspects of animation and the sonic spectrum. Her films have screened across the globe, most notably at Cannes, TIFF, VIFF, and Ottawa International Animation Festival.”  

Artwork by Amanda Strong

Organized by AGSC with associate curator, Heather Benning

At AGSC May 13 to June 30, 2019