Summer Salon – featuring artists of Southwest Saskatchewan

To complement the cultural component of the Western Canada Summer Games being hosted in Swift Current, August 2019, AGSC showed a selection of southwest Saskatchewan professional artist’s work for visitors to discover and enjoy. Over 12,000 visitors were expected in August along with regular summer tourism. This exhibition showed audiences what is happening in visual art in Saskatchewan southwest.

Organized by AGSC with curator, Kim Houghtaling

Artists Include:

Jeanie Andronyk – Shaunavon
Heather Benning – Swift Current
Ken Christopher – Lac Pelletier
Morghie Flaterud – Swift Current
Milan Gerza – Kyle
Stephen Girard – Eastend
Hedi Gossweiler – Herbert
Adrienne Gradauer – Maple Creek
Madonna Hamel – Val Marie
Hugh Henry – Swift Current
Trea Jensen – Eastend
Stephanie Kaduck – Swift Current
Tommy Kirk – Swift Current
Sally Knelsen – Swift Current
Catherine Macaulay – Val Marie
Laureen Marchand – Val Marie
Edie Marshall – Riverhurst
Tim Moore – Swift Current
James Page – Val Marie
Geoff Phillips – Maple Creek
Bill Philpott – Central Butte
Shon Profit – Eastend
Zach Quin – Maple Creek
Elaine Robitaille – Swift Current
Marsha Schuld – Rush Lake
Martin Schuster – Eastend
Sylvia Thompson – Pennant
David Tuttle – Swift Current
Keely Williams – Pennant
Gladys Wozny Siemens – Rush Lake

At AGSC July 13 to September 1, 2019